Dream Career Launchpad

Dream Career Launchpad

                Lay the Foundation of your Dream Career.                                Warning: This course which will transform your life and career 

The Next Level: A 7 week Challenge to implement the proprietory iLeaD system, and lead your Dream Career

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Taking charge of our inner self, our thoughts, emotions, actions and by  consequence, our life and career. Realizing our authentic self, becoming aware of what we are truly capable of and acting on it. Laying the foundation of becoming a leader and transforming the lives of others.

15X benefits

  1. How to transform into the BEST VERSION of you
  2. How to FASTRACK your Career
  3. How to Create your PERSONAL BRAND in Industry
  4. How to Increase in your EFFECTIVENESS manifold
  5. How to Give PROCRASTINATION  a knockout punch
  6. How to achieve WELLNESS: Transformation of mind, body ,soul
  7. How to MASTER Stress
  8. How to Set up for growth and success in the corporate ladder
  9. How to command the respect of peers, subordinates & bosses
  10. How to Improve verbal and non verbal COMMUNICATION skills
  11. How to Improve PRESENTATION skills
  12. How to navigate through CORPORATE POLITICS
  13. How to MANAGE your BOSS?
  14. What NOT TO DO–Lessons from my mistakes
  15. How to find HAPPINESS and FULFILMENT at work

* working professionals

* graduating students about to start a new career

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Student speak: Stories of transformation

Sumitra Bhadu, MBA from IIM(A) and entry level career professional

Sai Manoj , MBA from IIM(A) and entry level career professional